Your Questions Answered

  • Why Mouseworksmedia?
    • experienced - over 20 years in the visual interface design field
    • accountable - we adhere to your contract requirements and product specifications
    • trusted - we'll provide a signed NDA and keep everything absolutely confidential
    • longevity - we've existed since 1996 and continue to grow and thrive
    • alliance - we foster a long term relationship and strive to exceed your expectations
    • reputation - from small firms to Fortune 500s—references gladly provided
  • What if I only need a few icons?
  • No problem. We're happy to provide any quantity that's appropriate for your product's interface (and your budget).
  • And the cost for custom icons?
  • We're happy to provide an assessment and no-obligation quote - jump to contact page.
  • Why should I use custom icons?
  • To ensure that your interface delivers the best possible user experience you need a unified look and feel throughout. Creating clear and concise interface elements that are integrated with your UI adds tremendous value and a positive impact to your company's bottom line. 

  • Don't risk BSS (Bad Software Syndrome) and the negative PR that can spread all too quickly.  A frustrated user or fanatical customer? The choice is obvious.


  • When should we engage with you?
  • For interface design, the earlier the better. Whether you employ Waterfall, Spiral, Agile or other software development methodologies, we can provide rough concepts based on your specs and wireframes to help you define and refine the UI and then create final deliverables for implementing.

  • For icons we still like to get in early in the dev cycles but can provide deliverables later in the process based on your rough UI placeholders or ideas.
  • What type of project information do you need? (brief summary)
  • We'll work with you on specifics, in general the following would be very helpful: scope of work, product UI requirements, target platform, user personas, wireframes & screenshots. Icon sizes, states (on, off, rollover, etc.) final format (GIF, PNG, ICO, etc.) Project schedule, milestone & final deliverable dates.
  • Where are your offices?
  • We are located in the Hartford, Connecticut area, strategically situated halfway between New York and Boston (previous HQs: Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA, & the Twin Cities, MN)

  • We also maintain a presence in Silicon Valley and across the United States through our growing partner network of usability, interaction and user experience companies and specialists.
  • Can you meet with us?
  • We stay in very close contact with clients and their teams using email, chat / IM, phone and video conferencing. This helps keep our overhead and final pricing lower. If needed, we can arrange to meet with you onsite.
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They breathe a new sophistication into the world of online presentation - Tim Stephen, President, CIOS One of the best collaborators you will find...always listens and is amenable to input from others - Jim Nieters, Director of User Experience Design, Yahoo! They really listen well to accomplish what we need. I would highly recommended them - Jenny Martinez, Creative Director, The site just WORKS so smoothly and effortlessly, it just flows - Don Empson, Rivertown Restoration (Peace House co-sponsor) Their work is always creative, fresh, and very professional - Scott Jenson, Jenson Design Mouseworksmedia  delivered wonderful visual designs...the graphics took our products to the next level - Larry Cornett, MindSpan Design They were able to take our sometimes vague or nebulous ramblings and turn them into concrete ideas that we could then iterate upon until they were just right - Mary Lieser, Manager, R&D - Planning and Architecture Vision Solutions Best in the business, responsive and efficient! - David Hamilton, User Experience Architect, Brocade Their graphics added the wow to our product - Peter Nicklin, Senior Software Engineer, Rasvia Systems They are responsive, creative and talented with superb communication skills - Tim Stephen, President, CIOS Has the experience to tackle large and complex projects. I recommend her wholeheartedl - Marsh Chamberlain, Chief Pixologist, DataGlyphy